Driver Tips

I just accepted a delivery request, What should I do?
First, contact the customer via text message to arrange the delivery. Ask the customer to clarify order details, such as location, quantity, size and any other details that will help you find what they need. Example: "Hello this is your FetchX driver. What can we get you?"

How does payment work?
Drivers use their own money to purchase goods and are reimbursed when they complete the order + Service Fee and Tip. When you arrive at the delivery location, send a payment request to the customer. You can find the payment request button on the order page. Only enter in the cost of the goods you purchased (your fee and tip is added automatically) and then send the request. The customer will pay using their credit card and the money will be deposited into your stripe payments account.

The store is out of something the customer wants.
Always contact the customer if any problems or discrepancies arise. Notify them of the issue and do your best to offer an alternative. Customers will often accept an alternative. Example: Walmart is out of Pillsbury cookie dough. See if the customer is willing to accept a different brand.

I accepted the order but the customer wants to cancel.
If you haven't purchased anything and the customer wants to cancel, feel free to ignore the order. It will disappear from your order list in 24 hours. If you have purchased goods for the customer, inform them that they are obligated to complete the transaction.

The customer isn't responding, What should I do?
Do your best to contact the customer. Text and call repeatedly. If you are at the customers address, knock on the door. Some customers have trouble hearing, so knock with purpose.

I purchased something for the customer but they are refusing to pay.
Never give the customer a delivery if you have not received payment from them. If you are unable to receive payment, attempt to return the goods. If you are unable to return the goods, FetchX will reimburse you for you the goods and service fee.

When can I work? Is there a schedule?
FetchX Drivers can work as much or as little as they want. We understand that your schedule can be hectic. Sign in any time you feel like earning money.

I was assigned an order that I don't want to deliver.
Drivers have the freedom to reject any order they recieve. Accept orders that you find interesting and reject the ones you don't wish to fulfill.