Frequently Asked Questions

What can I order for delivery?
FetchX users can request anything for delivery, except for controlled substances and gift cards. On demand delivery from Supermarkets, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, and anywhere else you can imagine.

How do I pay?
FetchX only accepts Credit/Debit card payments. When your FetchX driver arrives, they'll send you a payment request in the App. Use your Debit/Credit card to reimburse them for the cost of goods + service fee.

I just placed my order. What happens now?
Your order has been sent to the FetchX drivers in your area. One of them will accept the order. Once accepted, the driver will text or call you to confirm order details. The driver will then go purchase and deliver your request.

How much does Delivery Cost?
You decide how much to offer the community of drivers with minimums starting at $6. A 9% charge is added (to the cost of goods) to cover the cost of payment processing and to help FetchX operate.

Payments are processed securely by Stripe.
Stripe is one of the most popular, secure ways to accept digital payments, and process billions of dollars a year for forward thinking companies around the world. Learn more at

Does FetchX close? When can I place an order?
FetchX works 24/7 as long as the merchant or business is open. If the store is open, we can deliver the goods.

I placed an order but need to change something.
If your order hasn't been accepted, you may cancel and resubmit the order at any time. If your order has been accepted, contact your driver directly via text or call to make changes.

I placed an order but nobody has responded.
FetchX drivers accept or decline orders based on the amount you're willing to pay for their service, as well as order difficulty. Feel free to submit your order again.

Something went wrong with my order, what should I do?
First, notify your driver to see if they can help fix the problem. If the issue isn't resolved, email us. We'll do our best to make things right.

My driver isn't responding. What should I do?
Do your best to make contact through text/call. If you are unable to reach the driver after a while, feel free to place the order again for a different driver to accept. Additionally, you may report this issue via email to